Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another Pointless List: Venture Bros. Characters 10-6

People love listing things. And people also love reading things other people have listed. These are facts. So to celebrate the premiere of the fourth season of the Venture Bros. I'm listing off my ten favorite characters. I could make this list my top 50 because this show is so full of them but so time's sake and the fact that I'm lazy and don't want to put forth the effort I'm shortening it to ten.

It's the best cartoon on TV, so watch the hell out of it!

10. Ned

Also known as the Human Callus. Ned is the mentally handicapped cousin of Sally Impossible. Exposed to cosmic radiation, Ned's body turned into a giant callus. He now lives on Spider Skull Island with Sally, her son Rocket, and Jonas Venture Jr.

9. Jefferson Twilight

All you need to know about Order of the Triad member Jefferson Twilight is that he's a vampire hunter who only hunts Blaculas. A vampire hunter who only hunts Blaculas. Only hunts Blaculas. BLACULAS!!!

8. Master Billy Quizboy

Self proclaimed boy genius, eye patch, cybernetic arm, growth hormone deficiency, plus the fact that he's actually 35 all adds up Master Billy Quizboy. Long time Venture fanboy and game show contestant, Billy lives in a trailer with his albino business partner Pete White. Billy delves into super science while trying not to geek out over all the cool action figures and death rays around him.

7. Molotov Cocktease

Russian mercenary and snappy dresser, Molotov is the long time love interest of bodyguard Brock Sampson. Pitted on opposite sides during the cold war, ex-spies Brock and Mol have a mutual respect for each others abilities. Unfortunately for Brock, Mol's chastity belt did not come down with the Berlin Wall. She now fights for whatever side will pay her the most and will not hesitate to betray anyone to get what she wants. But who else would you rather have assassinate you. Honesty?

6. Dr. Girlfriend

Now called Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, Sheila is a sexy villainess with a voice like sandpaper. New wife of the Monarch, Dr. Girlfriend stands as the voice of reason to her spouse's schemes. Formerly Lady Au Pair and Queen Etheria, she bounced around super villains until she finally fell for the Monarch. She is accompanied by her Murderous Moppets Tim-Tim and Kevin.

Note: While looking for pictures for this list, I stumbled onto many interesting things. In other words, try searching for numbers 6 and 7 with "cosplay" at the end. Good Lord!

Stop by soon for 5-1. Go Team Venture!

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