Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Great Looking Games: The Saboteur

Did Inglorious Basterds make your bloodlust for Nazis all the more palpable? Then this Christmas is just for you. EA and Pandemic Studios are releasing an open ended WWII game titled The Saboteur.

In it you will play as an irishman in Paris working for the resistance in nazi-occupied France. What sets this game apart from a lot of others is the amount of style thrown into the look.

The use of black and white with color is incredibly slick. The reds pop right out of the screen. The color will actually change as you progress through the game. Stark black and white at the beginning when the nazis are at full force and a more bright and vibrant world towards the end when the people of France begin to fight back.

Steal cars, leap on rooftops, derail trains, blow up zeppelins, Saboteur
is a highly stylized wet dream. Sneak through the Paris streets and snipe nazi officers till your hearts content. Out December 8th 2009 for PS3, XBOX 360, and PC.

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