Friday, October 9, 2009

Buy This DVD!: Trick 'R Treat

Horror is a tough genre. As much as we complain about the endless remakes and sequels, when something fresh comes around we ignore it.

Trick 'r Treat is an anthology tale along the same lines as Creepshow and Twilight Zone: The Movie. It embodies the very spirit of halloween as it explores various rituals from the holiday as well as the consequences for not following them.

The entire film is overflowing with the sights and sounds of halloween. Countless jack o'lanterns, falling leaves, colorful masks, bags of candy, spooky moonlight, chilling breezes. Trick 'r Treat displays a true love of the season. It contains five separate stories that intertwine on one particularly eerie night.

This film was made in 2007. It was just now released on DVD and Bluray last tuesday. If you are wondering when you missed it in theaters, you didn't, it never got there. A film tailor made to rake in money on October 31 kept getting pushed back and delayed. It watched Saw 4, 5, and now 6 take its place at the halloween weekend box office while it sat on the shelf collecting dust.

Slowly, a few small screeners and word of mouth spread and the film gathered a decent sized cult following, without ever being released. Now, it is finally out on DVD with the absolute barebones of features. Clearly the studio still doesn't think very highly of this film and that is where you can come in. Buy it. Tell a friend. Have them tell a friend. Empty the stores until they have to order more. Let the studios know that a fun original idea isn't a waste of money. Help make the Sorority Rows and Prom Nights of the world a thing of the past. Your children will thank you.

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