Monday, October 12, 2009

See It Already #1 - BRICK

In See It Already, we'll be talking about movies that might have slipped past your radar. Maybe you never heard anything about it, or just didn't think it was your kind of thing. But every film in these articles are worth a viewing. This week we'll be taking a look at Brick.

Brick differs from most films in its genre, if you can even label it in a definitive genre. As much as it is a teen drama, it is even more a noir. A hard laced detective yarn oozing with deception and twists. Brick takes the tone and language of 40's films like The Maltese Falcon and Double Indemnity, not to mention any Raymond Chandler novel, and infuses it into the setting of a modern day high school. The stark opposites of its subject matter and tone make Brick an incredibly interesting film. It may take you 15 minutes or so to catch on to what you are actually watching, but once you do, you enjoy the ride.

Writer/ director Rian Johnson makes his debut with this impressive film. He clearly has a strong grasp on the material, not afraid to poke fun at his own premise. His script, incredibly tight and well crafted, manages to be original and clever out with something we've all seen many times before. Even though it is a drama, you can really see how much fun its creators had with it. The language of the film, which seems quite foreign at times, flows out of the actors' mouths with such ease and familiarity which is a testament to Johnson and his writing. You are sure to hear more from him in later renditions of this column.

The thing that really shines through this film is its star, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Kicking around hollywood since he was seven, Joseph has finally come into his own. A truly gifted actor, he showcases his skills thoroughly in Brick. More recently seen in 500 Days of Summer, Joseph portrays the hard nosed detective/ high school senior with amazing sincerity. We take each step with him. His heartbreak is the audience's heartbreak. It speaks volumes about an actor when he is on screen over 90% of the movie and you still want to see more of him. He has a free pass in my book, that means even G.I. Joe is forgiven.

Brick creates a peculiar and fascinating world. One entirely worth checking out.

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