Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another Vacation?

If you thought there was no way they could top Vegas Vacation or Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie's Island Adventure, it's starting to look like you were wrong. As usual.

New Line is currently meeting with writers who enjoy the thought of John Hughes spinning in a coffin. This time the story centers on son Rusty Griswold as he takes his own family on a road trip. Expect grandpa Chevy Chase to pop up at some point.

What's unknown is which Russ Griswold we will see. Could it be Anthony Michael Hall? Jason Lively? Johnny Galecki? Ethan Embry? Or something altogether new? Maybe Dane Cook can do it, or Ice Cube.

And even more importantly, where will they go? A destination that's built up for 90 minutes had better be worth the trip. They haven't been to the moon yet, or visited Atlantis. How about Rusty Griswold, played by Topher Grace, time travels with his family to 1800's Georgia during the start of the civil war. Did I mention Beyonce would be playing his wife? Comedy!

So while the memory of the original is still a positive one, enjoy this.

Wedding Crashers director David Dobkin is developing the film.
soure - The Hollywood Reporter

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